Tuesday, January 31, 2012

01/31 - Flogging

We're one month into 2012 and Chinese New Year, year of the Dragon, began on Jan 23 rd and i've barely doen any work on the book. I have a list of excuses - moving, settling, squaring away old business in New Bedford, setting up new in RI but the bulk of the blame can be set on low energy - winter is particularly hard on people with pain issues. You constantly feel like your fighting the urge to escape pain thru hybernation. I'm just tired.....

Regardless, today I'm off to the DMV (for the 2nd time) to get my new license, the truck registered and all that jazz. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to work when I get home tonight. So much to do to reach my goals, so many ideas, now I just have to be able to muster the energy to reach them.

Well, off we got then.

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