Sunday, January 22, 2012

01/22 - setting up the Scootertown room

Finally have most of  my stuff moved in to the new digs named: Rooms of: this way that, up. Spent the last few days organizing the rooms and so this is what my Sccotertown studio room looks like now - not quite homey but at least I have my reference material and a hint of the warmth I need to convey in the books:

Looking a little less than warm right now but I'm happy to have my things around me - I can at least get my head in the game with my reference material set up - I think I need a nice area rug though.

Illustrations, books and linoleum blocks.

I'm working on a couple books that involve characters using their imagination in play. The plush giraffe in the background was a present I got for my 7th birthday - two characters will be riding it and the camel thru the desert in their play.

Kitty sniffing out a dress my mother boguth for me in Germany.

The temporary work desk.

From Oberammergau.

A birdhouse my son made and Scooter - the little guy on the sitting on the stool is the real life Scooter.

NOW I just need to have time get to work on the books!!!!

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